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Gopalan Sharma

“Our experience through the whole cycle – right from sales to handing over, registration process and then ongoing maintenance has been amazing. In fact, so good, that I tell people about it and would advise anyone purchasing a new home anywhere, to look for a Gopalan home.

Anmaya Sr. Director, Multinational Consulting firm

“We had a very pleasant experience being a part of building our new home. Hrugved was gracious to accommodate our personal request to the finest niceties. It was a partnership focused on what we desired.

Manoj Shrivastav

I moved in to Pune almost a year back. Its great to see Your continuous involvement in making it a better place to live. I understand that there could have been several minor issues that we would have had. But its great to see Hrugved support.

Radhika Raj

I’ve bought a property with hrugvedrealtty Pune, and their support and cooperation was excellent. the most remarkable point in Hrugved Realty was the transparency during the deal. My special thanks to Sales team for their outstanding behavioral


Real estate is one among the thriving industries that offer a long-tenure investment opportunity. Choosing the right builder will assist you to get your dream home or property easy. I’ve bought a property with Hrugved Realtty. That was my best decision.

S KiranSimha,