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Pune: Rs 50,000 penalty for illegal advertisement hoardings | Pune News

PUNE: The civic body has planned to fine advertisers and advertising agencies Rs50,000 for erecting illegal hoardings.
If the fine is not paid, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will bill the amount to the property owners, on whose plot the illegal hoarding has been erected.
If the errant advertiser fails to pay up the fine even then, the civic administration will recover the penalty amount by adding it in the property tax of the owners.
“Directives in this regard have been issued. The ward offices will have to ensure that they are following the orders. The ward office staff has to go on ground and do the survey of the advertising materials placed at public places. The illegal publicity materials will be identified and action will be taken against those who are responsible for installing these advertising materials,” said Vijay Landge, head of PMC’s sky sign department.
According to the PMC officials, the civic body had started drives against illegal publicity materials in August. Actions were paused because of the pandemic.
Actions have been carried out at some of the 11 merged villages too. The civic administration has also planned to expand the drive in the recently merged 23 villages.
According to data, the civic body has taken action against 40,000 illegal materials in the last four months. They included hoardings, boards, banners, flex, flags, posters, kiosks and other materials.
“The civic administration should make sure such publicity materials are not installed at public places. The roads are filled with illegal hoardings. Many of them belong to politicians. The civic body should act against them too otherwise this directive will prove to be a shallow promise,” said Vivek Velankar of Sajag Nagrik Manch, a citizens’ group.

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